Another Pun

by Graphics on Televisions

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released March 15, 2015

Another Pun is a re-envisioning of our album Pun,
selflessly brought to life by the unstoppable crew below.

(We simply can't thank you enough, everybody!!)

Color Burn - Two Floors

pretzels malone - in wells we well plastic

Fake It - Drawing Game


§teinberg - Icicle

Couch King - Let It Out!

Weighty Tree - Let It Out!

Ang Kerfoot - Let It Out!

Woz Supposedly - Let It Out!

Mayor of Donutville - The First Word

Hand Puppet Euphoria - The Line

E-Ruizzo - Tardigrade & Tattlesnakes

John SaraStro - Around The Corner

Cabo Pozo - Well Plastic Zero (bonus track)

Around The Other Corner (bonus track)

All material not taken directly from Pun was
written and performed by the respective artists.

Mastering - Takamichi Osada (Studio Moopies)

Art - Reiko Ozawa

If you have enjoyed this album, please support the
artists who made it by listening to their other music.
(Links above and on individual track pages.)

We would like to give special thanks to SoundCloud.
Without SoundCloud, the idea for this album would
never have been conceived.

This album is based on our album Pun:



all rights reserved


Graphics on Televisions 東京都, Japan

An instrumental keys & percussion duo influenced by jazz and 80s video games.

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Track Name: Color Burn - Two Floors
that was beautiful
oh, you can't hear me
we can just cut the first two out

Color Burn
Track Name: pretzels malone - in wells we well plastic
we dig like it's drastic
our clothes are elastic
in gyms we gymnastic
in wells we well plastic

pretzels malone
Track Name: Couch King / Weighty Tree / Ang Kerfoot / Woz Supposedly - Let It Out!
Let it on out now
Just let it on out

We all got something, that's weigh'n on our mind
We all got something, to get on off our chest
We've all had that feeling of being unaligned
We've all had that feeling, but now is the time to

Everybody's got something to say
Everybody's wants to feel good
Everybody's got something they want
Nobody wants to be misunderstood
Everybody wants to feel loved and express who they are without being judged
Everybody wants to do good and we all have opinions on the things that we should

Let it on out
So we can all get together
And all unite
So we can all be free

We didn't come to this planet to keep it all in
I'm here to tell you that now is the time
To move it and shake it and let it on out

Do you want to be heard
Do you want to feel alive
Do you want to be free
Do you want to let it on out

Couch King

Weighty Tree

Ang Kerfoot

Woz Supposedly
Track Name: E-Ruizzo - Tardigrade & Tattlesnakes
Letra / Lyrics
Claro que ya no soy plástico, / Clearly I’m not plastic anymore,
ni estoy falto de razón, / nor lacking of reason,
puesto que, siendo simpático, / since, being friendly,
de sangre es mi corazón. / of blood is my heart.

Claro que soy esporádico / Clearly I am sporadic
en locos cantos espléndidos. / in splendid crazy singings.

Gritos de loco dolor, / Screams of insane pain,
llenos de mudo amargor, / full of mute bitterness,
claro que ya no son gélidos. / clearly are not icy anymore.

Claro que ya soy simpático / Clearly I’m yet friendly
y estoy falto de amargor, / and lacking of bitterness,
puesto que mi corazón, / since my heart,
siendo de sangre, no es plástico. / being of blood, is not plastic.

Y en mis cantos esporádicos, / And in my sporadic singings,
claro que ya no soy gélido. / clearly I’m not icy anymore.

Gritos de loca razón, / Screams of mad reason,
ya no gritos de dolor, / not screams of pain anymore,
claro que ya son espléndidos! / clearly are yet splendid!